June 10, 2021

KID Newsradio 92.1 Talk Show Host Steph Lucas (Photo Credit: Steph Lucas)

The longest legislative session in Idaho history, and one of the most contentious, has finally concluded.  It’s always a challenge to follow what is happening during a legislative session, and this one was certainly no exception.  Even so, East Idaho residents looking to monitor their legislators and to hold them accountable for their votes, discovered they had a powerful new ally in those efforts.  Steph Lucas, the most recent addition to the talk show host lineup on KID Newsradio 92.1, has shown a unique ability to book guests on her show who are in the know and are not afraid to speak their minds.  Combined with her strong interviewing skills, her insightful commentary…and the right amount of humor…the Steph Lucas show, weekdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., has quickly established itself as a “must listen” two hours.

Although on the air for less than a year, Lucas is providing East Idaho residents with a wealth of information daily.  Whether the topic is social justice indoctrination and critical race theory, taxes, or political maneuvering and dealing, the Steph Lucas show gets to the details and nuances of the issues that would otherwise be very difficult to uncover.

With the end of the Idaho legislative session, Lucas has shifted more of her time to national stories.  While the focus has changed, the quality of her show remains high.

East Idaho residents who care about America, who care about Idaho, and who want to ensure that Idaho remains a common-sense conservative oasis in a land of Leftist insanity owe it to themselves to tune in to the Steph Lucas show.  They won’t be disappointed.


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