June 15, 2021

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

Last weekend, students attending the NW Liberty Academy’s Liberty Symposium heard from several prominent speakers, including Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

McGeachin said of her talk, “This last weekend, I spoke at the Northwest Liberty Symposium held by the Northwest Liberty Academy.  It was wonderful to see so many young Idahoans who have taken an interest in learning about our system of government, capitalism, freedom, and history.

I spoke about the executive order, our education task force, and the unique roles of the Lt. Governor’s office in both the legislative and executive branches of government.  I also spoke about the efficiency committee I chaired during my first years serving as Idaho Lt. Governor.

Thank you to Alan and Elizabeth Hodge for the invitation to participate in the Symposium and for their hard work and commitment to putting on this event every year.”

The Liberty Symposium is an annual event, just one of several educational programs put on by the NW Liberty Academy.  It features personal sessions with members of the Idaho Legislative, Executive, Judicial Branches, and Congress.  It is designed for students age 12 and up.  The cost, this year $200 with early registration, includes a room, meals, and all event materials.  Parents may attend free of charge, but are asked to pay a small fee if staying overnight.  This year’s event was held at Boise Bible College.

NW Liberty Academy is sponsored by the White Pine Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan Idaho Corporation dedicated to educating people about Free Market principles.

To learn more, visit:  NW Liberty Academy


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