(NBFD Notification, June 14, 2021)

Subdistrict 1 – Commissioner Seat Available

The North Bannock Fire District (NBFD) is looking for an interested person to serve as a commissioner in Subdistrict 1.  NBFD is composed of three subdistricts that have been recently realigned to match the population distribution.  Subdistrict 1 is comprised of unincorporated areas of Bannock County generally west of Hawthorne Rd. and north of Siphon Rd.; west of Philbin Rd and north of Reservation Rd., and the Facer Mountain Rd. area west to the county line.  The subdistrict boundaries can be viewed on the District Map.

The commissioner’s position will be appointed by the commissioners of subdistricts 2 and 3.  District commissioners provide oversight to NBFD operations.  Although this position will be appointed to meet state law requirements, it is an elected position with the term continuing through 2023.  Appointment will be made at the July 8, 2021 meeting of the NBFD Commissioners.

Residency in Subdistrict 1 is mandatory.  Interested persons who live in the subdistrict should submit a letter of interest via mail to 444 E. Chubbuck Rd, Chubbuck, Idaho or emailed to northbannockfire@gmail.com by July 1, 2021.  The letter must include the place of residence for verification of eligibility.

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