September 7, 2021

Deanna Judy, SD 25 School Board candidate, with her husband, Claine (Photo Credit: Deanna Judy for SD 25 School Board, FB)

Deanna Judy, Pocatello native and Highland graduate, is challenging trustee Dave Mattson for SD 25 school board seat Zone 5.  Deanna and her husband, Claine, have seven children who have all graduated from Highland High School except for one still at Franklin Middle School.  She is grateful to educators who have made a profound difference in her life, and the lives of her siblings, and children.  She feels fortunate to have grown up in Pocatello, benefitting from the influence of Pocatello schools.

Deanna chose to run for election because of her gratitude for the education she received in Pocatello and because of her concern for the well-being of the current students in District 25.  She comes from a background of educators and is currently a board certified teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Literacy.  Although teaching is her passion, concern about the current state of affairs in the world of education compelled her to run for the board.

Many have expressed concerns about parents’ rights in regards to the education of their children.  Deanna shares these concerns. She believes in strong parent involvement in school.  If elected a board member, she would encourage parental inclusion and seek their input.

Deanna feels supporting our tradition of academic excellence is important by assuring the curriculum is based on positive results and is meeting the needs of students and teachers.  Our curriculum should be focused on proficiency and reflect continually improving results.  She is opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools in all of its forms.

Accountability and transparency is another motivating reason Deanna decided to run for the board.  Any major decision, expenditure or future plan should be disclosed to members of the community so their voices can be heard before a decision is made.  She believes that improvement and future development should be based on collaboration and research.

Deanna has a desire is to represent the parents, teachers, students, and the members of our great community.  She feels she can do this best as a member of the Board of Trustees.

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