September 10, 2021

David Worley (Photo Credit: David Worley for Pocatello Mayor, FB)

The David Worley for Pocatello Mayor campaign will be holding a campaign kickoff event on Monday, September 13, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  The event will be held at the Leavitt Center, Pocatello’s Community Center for the Arts, 1030 E. Sublette Street in Pocatello.

The event announcement reads, “Members of our Pocatello community are invited to join us to officially launch David Worley’s campaign for Mayor of Pocatello.  Attendees will get to hear David introduce himself, speak about his principles and issues that are deeply important to citizens, as well as learn how to help him get elected as the next Mayor of Pocatello!”

David Worley is a Pocatello native and Army veteran.  He made the decision to run for mayor because he is concerned about how Pocatello citizens and their businesses are impacted by high tax rates, lack of local government transparency, and poor management of the city government and its resources.  He believes it is essential that the chief executive of the city acts to protect the rights of the individual citizen.

To learn more about the David Worley for Pocatello Mayor Campaign Kickoff Event, visit:

David Worley for Pocatello Mayor Campaign Kickoff, FB Events

To read an article about Worley’s announcement of his run for Pocatello Mayor, visit:

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