(Idaho Republican Party Press Release, September 10, 2021)

Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna (Photo Credit: Tom Luna Facebook Page)

Boise, ID — President Biden’s executive order mandating private companies to require vaccinations for their employees or face steep and damaging consequences from the federal government is outrageous and must be challenged.

“These sweeping mandates constitute one of the most egregious and tyrannical violations of the 10th amendment our country has ever faced.  The 10th amendment clearly states that the federal government’s power is limited to those powers specifically identified in the U.S. constitution.  If the constitution does not specifically grant power to the federal government then that power is left to the states and individual citizens.  Nowhere in our U.S. constitution is a power granted to the president to force companies or individuals to receive a medical procedure or vaccination,” said IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna.

The Idaho Republican Party is committed to fighting back with every available legal challenge, and we look forward to joining our colleagues across the country to ensure that the 10th Amendment to the constitution is upheld.

Chairman Luna concluded, “Mr. President, you will not govern through unconstitutional force and compliance.  We will fight back.  We will ensure that our state sovereignty and individual rights are protected and preserved.”

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