November 3, 2021

It looks like the status quo will be maintained on the Pocatello City Council, as the unofficial election results released last night show Brian Blad allies Linda Leeuwrik, Josh Mansfield, and Rick Cheatum have all won their respective races.

Running for Seat 4, first time candidate Josh Mansfield, the son of Pocatello Public Works Director Jeff Mansfield, won the seat with 4486 votes (42.98%).  Mansfield replaces Heidi Adamson, who did not run for reelection.  He defeated opponents Kathleen Lewis, who received 3821 votes (36.61%) and John C. Ruth who received 2131 votes (20.42%).

Linda Leeuwrik retained Seat 5, with 4831 votes (45.42%).  She defeated Bill Miller who received 3028 votes (28.47%) and Lydia Noble who received 2777 votes (26.11%).

Rick Cheatum had the most decisive win of the night, garnering 7093 votes (67.95%).  His only opponent in the race, James Bucci, received 3345 votes (32.05%).


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