November 16, 2021

John Crowder monitors student work during a session of a math class he created to help students achieve greater proficiency.

Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer Publisher John Crowder, who was involved in education as a tutor, teacher, administrator, and school choice advocate for two decades in California, talks with Ed Bejarana, host of Idaho Speaks, on the latest edition of the podcast.

The interview was prompted when Bejarana, researching Common Core, uncovered an opinion piece published in 2015 in the Antioch Herald newspaper.  In the article, Crowder predicated that the implementation of Common Core in California would, “prove to be the largest education debacle in the history of the state. The vast majority of the students subjected to this program will fail to achieve proficiency in either mathematics or English, regardless of grade level. The gap in performance that exists between students in affluent communities (or who are homeschooled) and those who, under the new Local Control Funding Formula are considered disadvantaged, will widen.”

As Bejarana says during the podcast, the statement now looks remarkably prescient.

You can read the 2015 article that prompted the discussion, here:

Common Core implementation will prove costly error for California

You can hear the Idaho Speaks podcast, here:

Why Is Common Core Bad For America-a conversation with a 20 year educator


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