November 16, 2021

With Idahoans losing their jobs, and the ability to provide for their families, you’d think that the reconvening of the legislature would result in laser-like focus on the egregious vaccine mandates that are harming so many of our citizens.  That is, you might think that if you haven’t been following Idaho politics in recent years.

No, Idaho legislative “leaders” had more important things to do…like engaging in political theater.  House leadership decided that the most important work they could undertake at this critical time was to censure fellow legislator Priscilla Giddings, running for Lt. Governor against current House Speaker Scott Bedke, for linking to a published news story.

Fortunately, an increasing number of Idahoans are following what their Idaho State Representatives are doing.  In a must-read op-ed, Daniel Bobinski details the level of hypocrisy on display in Boise this week.

Click on the link, here, to read the latest in True Idaho News:

49 Idaho Legislators Don’t Care About Truth


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