November 17, 2021

Idaho Senate Delivers for Their Constituents…Unfortunately, You’re Not One of Them

by:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

The Idaho Senate delivered a big win for their “constituents” today.  Unfortunately, unless you’re part of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), you’re not one of them.

Prior to Idaho’s legislators attending a special session, ostensibly to address the onerous vaccine mandates that are forcing Idahoans to either accept an experimental “vaccine” or lose their jobs, IACI made it clear that they expected “their” legislators to take no action.

The Idaho State Senate took that message to heart, failing to pass a single one of the bills that were sent to that body from the Idaho House.

If there is a positive side to the disgraceful display that was this Special Session, it is the awakening of an increasing number of Idahoans to the fact that calling and emailing your legislators, staging protests, and similar actions taken to “convince your legislator to vote for you,” is, largely, a waste of time.  Sure, you may win a victory here or there.  Ultimately, though, as long as the majority of our legislators are captive to special interests, the State will continue to drift to the left, and your rights will continue to vanish.

…get involved with groups, forming all over the state, to find and elect true conservatives.

Idahoans, learn how your legislators are voting.  Visit the Idaho Freedom Foundation and look at the Freedom Index.  This metric will let you know whether your legislators are working for you, or for special interests that are happy to trample on your rights.  Then, get involved with the groups, forming all over the state, to find and elect true conservatives.  In Bannock County, attend the Liberty Dinners (see articles on the dinners by searching the pocatellochubbuckobserver website).  You’ll meet others who are taking a stand for freedom…by working to elect true conservatives.

As Ron Nate has said, “The Idaho Senate is where good bills go to die.”  The only way this is going to change is at the ballot box.



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