February 22, 2022

Idaho District 34 Representative Ron Nate

Idaho Representative Ron Nate (R-Rexburg) delivered a rousing speech to a full house at Pocatello’s monthly Liberty Dinner on Saturday.  His remarks garnered a standing ovation from those attending.

Nate, who has been the leading proponent of eliminating the grocery tax in the Idaho legislature, began his remarks with a story about flying in his youth, noting how different things are today as all who fly now are subject to long lines and invasive searches in the name of safety.  He then pivoted to a discussion of the Intolerable Acts of 1774, which led to the American Revolution.

After this history lesson, Nate noted that today, “we are under assault from a long train of abuses, modern day intolerable acts, coercive acts, and yes, tyranny.”

Nate counted off no less than sixteen coercive actions that Americans are dealing with from our own government, including the intrusive airport searches he mentioned before, lockdowns, labeling people and businesses as, ‘nonessential,’ mask & vaccine mandates, a never-ending state of emergency, and more.

Nate said, “I am not only dismayed by these overt acts of tyranny and force, but also by the vast number of Americans who think these acts are ok, are justified, are needed.  These are the chains of control, the noose of tyranny.  They will not be loosened, they will be tightened by measures upon measures until the moment we realize they’re too tight, then it’s impossible to breathe or do anything about it.  We will be slaves to the state.”

Nate then issued a call to action, telling the audience they must, “Be there to tell your government what they must not do!”  He implored listeners to, “Go to your city council meeting, county commission meetings, public health district meetings, school board meetings, and state legislatures.  Let them know you’re watching, you’re demanding, and you’re voting.”  He encouraged those that love freedom to run for office themselves.

“Set those brushfires of freedom in the minds of all you know,” Nate said as he concluded his remarks.  “Our cause is just, and you are doing God’s work in protecting the rights he endowed to all of His children. We are the good guys; we need to have the confidence and joy that comes from doing what is right.”

Editor’s Note:  The Liberty Dinner Series is hosted monthly by the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer.  It features conservative leaders speaking to the important issues of the day.  To learn more, contact Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer Publisher John Crowder at jcrowder27@hotmail.com, or visit the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer website, here:  Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer


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