(City of Pocatello Press Release, February 18, 2022)

Beginning Tuesday, February 22, the Lower City Creek Trailhead and trail below Bridge 1 will be CLOSED to ALL USERS while Russian Olive Trees are being removed.

To protect trail users, this closure is in effect daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until further notice.  Please use an alternative trailhead (e.g. Upper City Creek or Cusick Creek) for your safety, as crews will be using chainsaws and large chipping equipment.  Work is expected to be completed within 3 weeks.

Additional Russian Olive removal is planned further up in the City Creek drainage.  Additional trail closures will happen at that time, and another public notice be sent with details closer to that date.

Russian Olive trees were once planted for wildlife habitat and erosion control.  They are now known to be invasive species that reduce streamflow in City Creek and add excess nitrogen to the creek.  They also choke out our native plants and provide less wildlife habitat than our native shrubs such as Chokecherry and Hawthorne.  In order to prevent re-sprouting, all of the cut trees will be treated with herbicide.  Some trees will be killed in place to provide wildlife habitat and limit environmental damage in sensitive areas.

For more information, please contact Hannah Sanger, Environmental Division Administrator, at hsanger@pocatello.us or 208-234-6518.


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