April 7, 2022

Idaho Senator Christy Zito

Idaho Senator Christy Zito, speaking at the March Liberty Dinner in Pocatello, described a state legislature that is mostly controlled by special interest groups and no longer representing the conservative values of the typical Idahoan.

Zito explained, “The power of ever-growing bureaucratic agencies, are fiercely protected by certain legislators,” calling this, “an egregious miscarriage of a sacred trust that, as a legislator, you are there to protect the rights of the people who elected you.”  “As a legislator it is my job to stand between the citizens of this state and special interests and government overreach, not facilitate it,” she continued.

Describing her time serving in the Idaho Senate, Zito said, “We have learned by sad experience it is the nature of people to begin to exercise unrighteous dominion when they are elected by their fellow citizens to a position of responsibility.  We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature of people to almost immediately exercise unrighteous dominion, when they are put in a position of responsibility and power over the lives of others.  For two years now conservative legislators have joined together to present the conservative agenda, a road map for implementing and protecting conservative values in this great state.  Though roughly 30 signed on, when the rubber hit the road, there are only 10 consistently reliable votes in the House.”

The excessive power wielded by government over the past couple of years, Zito said, came about because of fear.  “The fear of a pandemic has taken us to places we would never have imagined,” she explained.  “In December of 2019, if you had told anyone of us that we would give up our basic God-given rights to be “safe” from a virus with a 99% recovery rate, that didn’t affect children, we would have run you out of town on the rails.  We were told that if we stayed home, wore a cloth on our face, and didn’t go to church, in two weeks we would flatten the curve.”

Zito described what we have witnessed happen through the promotion of fear by government bureaucrats and elected officials.  “Churches were closed, small business shut down.  The hopelessness that many felt resulted in the suicide of some based in feelings of hopelessness.  in the first month alone, I received many calls.  We were and still are separated from our elderly, our loved ones died alone and scared, some spent over a year prisoner in their rooms in care centers.  I saw it with my own eyes and spent countless hours on the phone listening to the stories, that I carry heavy on my heart still today.  Husbands and wives who had spent decades together working to build this country, grow families, and plan for a future retirement, were separated by windows as one would stand outside peering through the glass and watch as their loved one died alone in a room without that love of their life close.”

“Schools have become a battlefield between parents and the National Education Association, to the point that a concerned parent who dares to show up at a school board meeting, who take a very active interest in the education of their child, can now be labeled a domestic terrorist.  Children are taught that they may carry a virus to someone they love and kill them if they don’t wear an ineffective, unhealthy cloth over their face.  They fear contact with other human beings.  We now have two-year-old children who are not speaking and interacting at what has for years been considered a standard of performance.”

“We are very far down a very dangerous path.  Two conflicting human qualities have helped us reach this point.  Apathy and our natural desire to trust.”

Zito encouraged the audience to take action to turn things around.  “It is past time to return to the basics.  Stronger families, stronger communities, it is the responsibility of each individual to build them, not the government.”

“It is incumbent upon each of us who have lived with the blessings of liberty, who have the taste of freedom in our soul to stand strong.  To take the necessary stand to protect and preserve what the blood of our forefathers was shed to provide.”

“It is your responsibility to preserve the republic.  It is upon you to ensure that future generations know what we have known.  It is up to all of us to walk in faith, and truth, not fear, to be fearless in living this beautiful life God gave us.”

Following Senator Zito’s remarks, several of those in attendance committed to joining with the over two hundred Bannock County conservatives who have been working to find and elect true conservatives committed to fight against the ever-growing bureaucracy, to reduce the size and power of government, and to promote liberty in Idaho.

Editor’s Note:  To learn more about the Liberty Dinner series and/or to find out how you can join with other conservatives in their efforts to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in Idaho, send an email to John Crowder, publisher of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer (host of the Liberty Dinners), to jcrowder27@hotmail.com.


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