(Bannock County Press Release, May 13, 2022)

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho – Bannock County election officials want to help prepare voters to cast their ballot in the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, May 17.

Between April 18 and May 13, 2,772 people voted early in Bannock County. In the similar 2018 Primary Election, 1,817 people voted early or by absentee ballot.

“Primary Elections can be confusing and often have a low voter turnout, so we are thrilled to see the interest in this year’s election,” said Elections Administrator Julie Hancock.



The number of early ballots is still likely to increase as absentee ballots continue to arrive on Monday and Tuesday. Completed absentee ballots must be turned into the Election’s Office on North 6th Avenue by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17.

Those who haven’t voted yet will have the chance on Election Day, Tuesday, May 17. Polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the 57 precincts across Bannock County. You can find your polling place by using the interactive polling places map at bannockcounty.us/elections or by calling 208-236-7333. Ballots cannot be cast at the Elections Office on North 6th Avenue after Friday, May 13. Polls are closed on Monday, May 16.



Primary Elections are conducted differently than General Elections. Since 2011, Idaho voters can only participate in the political party’s primary election for which they are registered unless the party has chosen to allow non-party members to participate in the party’s primary election.

This year, the Democratic ballot is open to all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation. The Republican, Libertarian, and Constitutional ballots are closed to voters not affiliated with the respective party.

To check your voter registration, visit voteidaho.gov or call the Bannock County Elections Office at 208-236-7333.

People who are not registered to vote can register and affiliate with a party at their polling place on Election Day, as long as they are a citizen, 18-years-old, and have a valid photo ID and proof of residence.

For registered voters, the last day to change party affiliation was March 11. Voters who are registered unaffiliated may affiliate with a party at the polls.

Voters can prepare to vote by viewing their legislative district’s sample ballot at bannockcounty.us/elections.



Early vote results will be posted at 9 p.m. on Election Day at bannockcounty.us/elections and will be updated throughout the night as precincts report. Final results will be canvassed at the Commissioner’s business meeting the following Tuesday.



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