June 8, 2022

Evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein, an outspoken critic of the worldwide pandemic response, was recently interviewed by British Journalist Freddie Sayers.  The program notes read:

Freddie Sayers sits down to discuss the pandemic response with biologist Bret Weinstein.

Before the pandemic, evolutionary biologist and former Evergreen professor Bret Weinstein was lauded by both sides of the political divide for his insights into the crisis on American campuses.  As a member of the so-called ‘intellectual dark web’, Weinstein was expanding his audience and being profiled by legacy media like the New York Times.

Idahospeaks.com, protecting Freedom of Speech for Conservatives in Idaho

Then the pandemic began and his heterodox perspective suddenly fell out of favour, even with many of his erstwhile allies.

Advocating for alternative treatments for Covid, questioning the efficacy of the global vaccine programme and challenging narratives of the pandemic came at a cost.  Without warning, the Dark Horse podcast was demonetised on YouTube and Weinstein was forced to split from the views of his former friends and supporters.

So, how can we seek truth in such divided times? Freddie Sayers invited Bret into the UnHerd studio in London to try to understand what his views really are.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the image, below:

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