June 24, 2022 (Cover Photo Credit: Federal Reserve, FB)

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): What It Is and Why we Need to Fight It

By:  Nicky Broderick

It has been widely reported recently that just about every single central bank in the world is actively pursuing the implementation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  By the end of the decade – if not much sooner – many countries will be rolling it out to their citizens including the US.  What’s not being talked about so much is that CBDC’s will be programmable.

What does that mean? Your spending can be and probably will be controlled according to
ESG (Environmental Sustainable Goals) as outlined by the UN and World Economic Forum and adopted by the west as well as many other countries around the world.  For example, it could mean that you cannot travel more than 5 miles from your home, or you could be denied the purchase of your favorite food in the name of climate change and saving the environment.  Taxes can be deducted from your account and bills paid without your permission.  You could be cut off from your funds at any time and a social credit score system (Chinese stye) will probably be implemented.

For the last two years, cash circulating in the economy has risen dramatically.  (According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve that tracks cash usage in the US).  This speaks to the fact that people are recognizing that cash is untraceable and more than that, it gives us freedom.  Cash really is King and we may, just may, if enough people catch on, get out of the digital trap that is being set for us.  We may just stop them.

It takes a while to change the habit of using a debit, credit card, Apple Pay or Venmo to pay for every day purchases.  My husband and I tried it one day a week and now we do it every day and pretty much for everything we purchase.  We also got out of the big banks like Wells Fargo, US Bank, etc. and have our accounts in local well managed credit unions and a community bank.  It’s also strongly recommended to stop using QR codes (have you noticed they are everywhere and conditioning us to think of them as useful, time saving, money saving and normal).  Spoiler alert: They aren’t.  It’s a trap.  Digital ID will undoubtedly come in the form of a QR code that will appear on your I-Phone with all your banking information included along with your CBDC balance.  Welcome to a “Brave New World.”

Use cash.  As much as you can.  Every day if you can.  At least on Fridays.

Nicky Broderick can be contacted at Nicola.broderick@gmail.com


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