June 24, 2022

IDAHO FALLS, ID–Stand Up For Idaho, an Idaho Falls-based, nonpartisan citizens’ organization that advocates peacefully and actively for the rights and liberties of all Idaho citizens, will be hosting Wayne Lawrence of The People’s Convoy at their regular meeting on June 29.  Doug Toomer, founder and president of SUFI, writes:

Remember ‘The People’s Convoy’ of trucks that went from California to Washington D.C. in May protesting mandates?  People throughout Idaho contributed significant amounts food, medical supplies, misc. goods, as well as money to the convoy!  Wayne participated in the convoy and is coming to share photos, videos and his thoughts.



Hundreds of truckers stood up and pushed back on the tyranny.  We all must continue to stand up and push back!

The event will be held at the Snake River Event Center (Shilo Inn) at 780 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; the meeting begins promptly at 6:30.

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