August 22, 2022 (Cover photo credit: Portneuf District Library FB)

Chubbuck, ID–The wild things have taken over at Chubbuck’s Portneuf District Library, located at 5210 Stuart Ave.  At any moment as they browse the shelves, visitors may find themselves face to face with exotic creatures: a musk ox, a zebra, a crocodile, lions, foxes, even a giant snake!  Best of all, each of the nearly three dozen mounted animals featured in the Sensory Safari can be touched and petted.

To enhance the experience, library staff have created two scavenger hunts for children to enjoy.  One is a series of close-up photos of the animals’ skin or other features, which children are challenged to match to the correct animals.  The other helps children organize the clues hidden on various animals in an effort to find the prize at the end.

The Sensory Safari is loaned to the Portneuf District Library by the East Idaho Chapter of Safari Club International.  The animals arrived on Thursday, August 18, and will be visiting the library for about three weeks.




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