(Idaho Republican Party Press Release, August 24, 2022)

Boise, ID —

In response to the Governor’s Press Conference on August 23, 2022, calling the legislature for an Extraordinary Session, Chairwoman Dorothy Moon issued the following statement.

“The Idaho GOP applauds any effort to give the hardworking men and women of our state control over their own money and control over the destiny of their families. But when the special session convenes this September, it is the legislature that will deliberate and decide Idaho’s tax policy— not Idaho’s executive, nor the special interests, the unions, the media, nor Democrat front groups. We look forward to the legislative debate and hope all Idahoans will encourage their legislators to chart the right course for our state, free of outside influence.

Efforts to stymie the work of the people’s elected legislators — including by dark-money-funded initiatives — are an affront to democratic deliberation and should be called out by every Idaho Republican serving in public office. In a time of runaway inflation and exorbitant housing costs, Democrat-backed tax increases—even those masquerading as funding for education programs—are the last thing Idaho’s working people need.

The Idaho Republican Party will always stand with Idaho’s hardworking families, not against them.”

Dorothy Moon,

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party


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