August 25, 2022

For decades, most Americans have considered routine childhood vaccinations to be just that: routine.  Many of us have also received vaccinations in adulthood, either because our employers require them (or offered them for free), or because we planned to travel abroad.  For the majority of us, the possibility of adverse reactions wasn’t anything to lose sleep over.

It has always been true, however, that a small sector of the population suffers severe reactions to vaccines.  Those reactions are tracked in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS (  Because the reporting system is voluntary rather than mandatory, it is believed that the true number of adverse events may be as much as one hundred times higher than what is reported.



VAERS data can be sorted into several categories, including age of the victim, date of event, type of event, and geographical location of the event.  The system is rather cumbersome, so many lay researchers prefer to gather their data from OpenVAERS (, which presents the same data in a more user-friendly portal.

OpenVAERS provides the following graph on their website, showing all deaths due to vaccines since VAERS began keeping records in 1990.  In 29 of the first 30 years shown on the graph, annual deaths remained below 600.  In 2021, that number skyrocketed to 21,886 vaccine-related deaths.   For 2022, the number of deaths is 9333 and counting.

On their homepage, OpenVAERS includes a tab called “COVID Vaccine Data”.  Clicking on it opens an extensive drop-down menu offering seventeen distinct types of reports of adverse events resulting from the COVID vaccines.  One gives an overview of the different types of injuries; one highlights adverse events in children; fourteen track specific types of reaction, which are sorted both by age and by brand of vaccine.  The remaining report divides the data by states, then subdivides it into age brackets and types of event.  Idaho’s statistics are shown below:

According to the table, no children have died in Idaho as a result of being given the COVID vaccine, though four suffered life-threatening reactions and three were permanently disabled.  Five women suffered miscarriages.  Overall, the group most heavily affected by the shots is those 65 years of age or older, who account for over half the deaths and nearly a third of the permanent disabilities listed in the chart.

OpenVAERS updates their data weekly, following the VAERS data update.


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