(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 6, 2022; Photo Credit:  City of Pocatello)

The City of Pocatello and the Pocatello Police Department (PPD) are excited to introduce the two newest four-legged PPD K9 officers to the force.

PPD K9 Officer Flip is a 24-month-old Belgian Malinois and is partnered with Officer Tyler Anderson.  PPD K9 Officer Borris is an 11-month-old Belgian Malinois and is partnered with Corporal Syd Seamons.  Both K9 teams will be trained in narcotics scent detection and apprehension.

Flip and Borris were acquired to replace two recently retired K9 officers.  Both Flip and Borris were paid for out of the PPD-approved budget.  The PPD K9 program gets their dogs from Next Level K9 out of Utah. PPD has had the K9 program in place since 1999.


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