October 31, 2022 (Cover photo credit: City of Pocatello)

Pocatello, ID–A billboard urging Dustin Manwaring’s re-election was vandalized this weekend near Old Town.

The billboard’s artwork includes a photo of Rep. Manwaring and the words “Re-Elect Manwaring Idaho House”.  The vandals used red spray paint to cross out the word “Re-Elect” and replace it with the word “KILL”.  They also spray painted a red coat hanger over the chest area of Manwaring’s photo.  The coat hanger is a common symbol of the pro-abortion movement, though it is unknown whether that movement or anyone connected with it is responsible for the vandalism.

State and local police are investigating the incident.

The Bannock County Democrats and the District 29 candidates from both parties have condemned the defacing of Representative Manwaring’s sign.



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