(Bannock County Press Release, December 29, 2022)

This is a notice of a public hearing for the Planning and Development Council for Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 5:15 PM in the P&D Conference Room 1, Office of Planning and Development Services, 5500 S 5th Ave, Pocatello, Idaho. The agenda will be posted here as the date approaches: https://www.bannockcounty.us/planning/pdcouncil/

Due to limited seating in the conference room, the meeting will also be available via web-conference and telephone. Please see our website, www.bannockcounty.us/planning, for additional information. Pursuant to Idaho Code and County Ordinance, the following items are hereby noticed for publication and will be considered for public hearing:

 ZONING ORDINANCE MAP AMENDMENT/REZONE – ACTION ITEM: The applicant, Paige Armstrong, proposes the redesignation of approximately 834.86 acres of land from Agricultural to Residential Rural; the subject properties are located in Section 13, of Township 7S, Range 36E, and Section 24, of Township 7S, Range 36E of the Boise Meridian and are identified as tax parcel numbers RPR4015005523, RPR4015005522, RPR4017001000, RPR4017000900, RPR4017000701, RPR4015005525, RPR4015018904, RPR4015018823,  RPR4015018819, RPR4015018814, RPR4015019202, and RPR4015018820; the parcels are currently unaddressed. The parcels are in the Inkom area, accessing from E. Jackson Creek Rd and N. Whitworth Rd. At the hearing, the Council shall evaluate the proposal against criteria established in Section 520 of the Bannock County Zoning Ordinance. Type of action: Recommendation to County Commissioners.

You can find the parcels’ location by searching the Parcel ID number using the GIS Planning map. https://bannock.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=c4025fe4950548ec81eb11b3cc73cea7

These items we are bringing to your attention pursuant to I.C.67-6509. An official public notice will be sent to the Idaho State Journal by August 1, pursuant to I.C.67-6509.


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