(Pocatello Police Advisory, February 18, 2023)

Over the past 7 days (2/8-2/15), Pocatello and the surrounding areas have seen an increase in fentanyl overdoses according to the IDHW Drug Overdose Prevention Program and Idaho Overdose Response Strategy team. The ODMAP for Bannock County, in the past 7 days reported 15 overdoses and three overdose deaths in the area and 21 total overdoses for the month of February in Bannock County. Most of these cases involved fentanyl according to Idaho HIDTA Public Heath Analyst researchers. Pocatello Police Department officials believe the spike in overdoses might be due to additional drug activity in the area.

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How to respond to an overdose:

  1. Try to wake the person up
  2. Call 911 immediately
  3. Administer Naloxone, if available
  4. Check pulse and breathing
  5. Begin rescue breathing or follow dispatcher instructions
  6. Repeat naloxone, if needed
  7. Lay the person on their side to prevent choking
  8. Stay with them until emergency services arrive

*Idaho Department of Health & Welfare: https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/services-programs/behavioral-health/overdose-response

One pill can kill, it doesn’t take much to overdose on fentanyl. If someone is overdosing please call 911 immediately, the key during an overdose is to act fast. To report drug activity call the Pocatello Police Department at 208-234-6100.

If you or someone close to you needs help for substance abuse disorder, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s national hotline at 1-800-662-HELP(4357) or visit https://findtreatment.gov/.

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