(Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities, February 13, 2023)

02/13/23 POCATELLO CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING RECAP – CTF GLOBAL, INC (Professional Lobbyist, formerly Grossman Group, LLC)

Blad – present
Cheatum – absent
Leeuwrik – present
Mangum – present
Mansfield – present
Marchand – present
Nichols – present
Per Mayor Blad, he doesn’t know how many “millions” of dollars Mr. Larry Grossman (Lobbyist for the City for nearly 20 years) has brought to the City.  The focus was on obtaining earmarks in the past, but then Congress discontinued the practice about 10 years ago.
Idaho Coffee Company’s February Signatures

Per Mr. Grossman, the types of projects previously funded:

  • Approx $200K for Senior Center (this was many years ago)
  • South Valley Connector
  • Airport projects – ensuring airport is modern
  • Center Street underpass (recent Community Project Funding/Omnibus package)
  • An attempt to get money for a Boys & Girls Club this year failed.  U.S. Representative Simpson had to limit projects to only 10 or 12.

  • The goal when seeking federal dollars is to identify “well-defined” issues that fit a national requirement.
TWO ROLES of lobbyist:
  1. Advocating for/against pending legislation that might be beneficial/harmful to the City, and intervening in situations that would be detrimental to City
  • Late 2020 when Delta intended to drop Pocatello along with 5 other cities.
  • Keeping FAA from playing a role in turning airport over to the tribes;
  • Local US Post Office
2. Seeking federal dollars to assist in city projects
POTENTIAL PROJECTS that Council expressed interest in seeking federal dollars (if available):
  • WATER RECAPTURE – redistribute storm water across parks, golf courses, etc.  *Consultant indicated the availability of dollars depends upon current stage of development
  • SEWERING – 2 areas identified (Johnny Creek and South 5th)
    *Unsuccessful after many years of attempting to secure federal funding for Johnny Creek area.
    *Billions of dollars appropriated toward EV Stations
    *Marchand expressed concern that power infrastructure could be lacking for a huge expansion of EV Stations

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