February 23, 2023

By: District 31 Representative Julianne Young

Idaho Representative Julianne Young (Photo Credit: Julianne Young, FB)

I want my constituents to stay informed and up to date! Here is some of the latest news about things we are working on here at the Capitol.

HB 64- Ensuring In-Person Visitation Rights for Those in Assisted Living and Residential Care 

As I said a couple of weeks ago, people who live in assisted living and residential care facilities deserve and need the company of their loved ones and the assistance of their physicians. I introduced and sponsored HB 64, protecting the right of residents to in-person visitation by family and physicians. This bill just passed the House overwhelmingly with a tally of 64-5. Just talking with someone through Zoom or the phone does not give the personal connection and love that comes from being together for real. If a resident of these facilities wants to see their loved ones or their physician, this bill is now headed to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and, if passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, will ensure that they get the personal connection they want and need.

HB 170- Limiting State Donations to NGOs 

This bill, introduced by Rep. Monks, prohibits state departments from donating to or sponsoring non-governmental organizations unless required by law or pre-approved by the Governor. It would also require the Division of Financial Management to report any donations and sponsorship  to the Legislature. Government agencies should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund their favorite private causes or organizations.  This bill is currently working its way through committee.



HB 97- Increasing Government Transparency by Keeping Track of Agreements 

This bill, introduced by Rep. Scott, just passed the House unanimously. It requires the State Controller to keep track of and store agreements entered into by state agencies. It requires agencies to report these agreements to the Controller. This bi-partisan measure will provide some much-needed government transparency.

HB 193- Recognizing Essential Caregivers and In-Person Visitation Rights 

I introduced this bill, which clarifies that family members are automatically considered essential caregivers with a right to in-person visitation. While HB64 applies to residential care centers only, HB193 applies to all health care facilities that provide in-patient care and further codifies, as a general rule, that a right to visitation from an essential caregiver means in-person visitation. This bill should have a committee hearing in the House Health and Welfare committee very soon.

HB 149- Giving People a Fresh Start 

I co-sponsored the Clean Slate Act, a bi-partisan bill allowing people who have a clean record five years after a non-violent, non-sexual misdemeanor offense to petition for the sealing of their public criminal record. This bill will help people who have committed minor offenses to gain employment and have a fresh start. It just passed the House overwhelmingly with a tally of 66-1.





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