(State Treasurer’s Office Press Release, May 17, 2023)

Boise, Idaho – State Treasurer Julie Ellsworth will save Idaho Taxpayers millions each year with her transparent implementation and update to a 1982 cash flow management process.

Since 1982, the state has used Tax Anticipation Notes to bridge the gap between when expenses are due and when money is received.

For three of the past four years, Treasurer Ellsworth has not pursued a tax anticipation note but instead has borrowed internally which has saved taxpayer dollars.

“Taxpayers work hard for what they earn, and I am committed to keeping as much of their money in their pocket as possible. By borrowing internally and maintaining our AAA credit rating, we can save money,” said Treasurer Ellsworth.



After working with the State’s Financial Advisor and the Division of Financial Management, Treasurer Ellsworth is formalizing an improved transparent process for cashflow management. The process will set the default to benefit Idaho taxpayers by borrowing internally to meet gaps in cashflow management instead of seeking a Tax Anticipation Note on the market.

She has also consulted with the other members of the Credit Rating Enhancement Committee whose work she credits with helping Idaho achieve its AAA credit rating.

“In implementing this policy, I have appreciated the Co-Chairs of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, Senator Grow and Representative Horman, who have assisted in gauging the timing of legislative appropriations. They share my goal of ensuring we are all committed to being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money,” Treasurer Julie Ellsworth said.


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