(Bannock County Assessor’s Office Press Release, August 2, 2023)

Fielding is a vital process for real property appraisers. During inspections, appraisers thoroughly examine properties, measure dimensions, assess surroundings, analyze comparable sales, document with photography, and take notes. These inspections serve several purposes:

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    Determine Property Value: Fielding helps appraisers assess a property’s condition, features, and location, directly impacting its value.

  2. Provide Objective Evaluation: Appraisers offer unbiased assessments by gathering reliable firsthand information during inspections.
  3. Identify Property Deficiencies: Field inspections reveal issues like structural problems or maintenance issues that affect value.
  4. Ensure Accuracy and Credibility: Thorough inspections enhance the accuracy and credibility of appraisal reports backed by detailed information and market research.
  5. Meet Standards: Fielding ensures compliance with regulatory and professional standards, resulting in high-quality appraisals.

In summary, fielding involves comprehensive inspections to gather accurate information and assess factors influencing property value. This process enables appraisers to provide objective evaluations, identify deficiencies, and meet standards for accurate and credible appraisal reports.

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